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Pull Handles beech

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your doors and windows with our stunning collection of beech pull handles, available in four exquisite finishes: Nickel, Antique Brass, Polished Brass, and Satin Nickel. Each finish offers a unique charm, allowing you to perfectly complement your existing décor and other beech products.

Nickel Finish

Our Nickel finish provides a sleek, contemporary look that pairs wonderfully with modern interiors. Its subtle sheen and cool tones create a sophisticated and clean appearance, making it an excellent choice for minimalist and urban settings.

Antique Brass Finish

For a touch of vintage elegance, our Antique Brass finish is unparalleled. This finish brings a warm, aged look that exudes character and charm. It's ideal for traditional and rustic environments, adding a timeless appeal to your doors and windows.

Polished Brass Finish

The Polished Brass finish offers a luxurious, shiny surface that reflects light beautifully, adding a glamorous touch to any space. This finish is perfect for classic and opulent interiors, where a bright and eye-catching detail can elevate the overall aesthetic.

Satin Nickel Finish

Our Satin Nickel finish strikes a balance between modern and classic styles. It features a smooth, matte texture that is both refined and versatile, fitting seamlessly into a variety of interior designs. This finish is perfect for those seeking understated elegance.


Each of our beech pull handles is designed not only for visual appeal but also for durability and functionality. They can be easily combined with our other beech products, creating a harmonious and unified look throughout your home. Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, these handles will add a touch of sophistication to your doors and windows.

Explore our full range of beech pull handles here and discover how they can transform your living spaces with their exquisite finishes and timeless design.