Bathroom locks

Vacant/Engaged locks and bathroom spindle

You can find them in old buildings, the vacant-engaged toilet locks. They are nostalgic and also very practical, as it is easy to see if a toilet is occupied.  We have a solution for every toilet or bathroom door (out-swinging or in-swinging) in our range of replicas from antique models.

Why should you order these vacant-engaged locks from retro-door-hardware?

We distinguish ourselves by producing this lock exactly like it was designed in the past. That means performed with a springy piece of metal, which allows a smooth turning of the lever, and prevents unexpected locking.

There are two sizes available, both in various languages: English (vacant-engaged), German (frei-besetzt) and French (libre-occupé). Thus for practically all panel doors we have the right lock.

Turn & release spindle

We also have the turn & release spindles in our range, both with and without the "vacant/engaged" indication. These can be mounted on a door where the lock is positioned under the door handle (Bathroom Sashlock). This is operated by an 8mm spindle.

Our range of vacant/engaged locks and bathroom spindles

The vacant-engaged plates are authentically produced, enamelled on metal plates.

Available in the following variants: nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass, satin nickel (brushed nickel) and black powder-coated cast iron.

Cabin hooks are of course also part of our range.

All our products come with matching screws.

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