About us


Retro-door-hardware.com is part of De Galanterie, a company that was started in 1996. Located in Nieuwersluis, a small village between Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Specialist in replica door hardware

De Galanterie started as an antique shop, specializing in pottery and old and antique door hardware. The old door hardware was mostly purchased from demolition companies and at flea markets. In many cases this hardware was not complete. For example, it might have had missing or damaged rosettes.

Since clients were always asking for complete sets of door handles, we decided to reproduce the rosettes. This was a success and soon we were getting many requests for antique door handles. Customers were asking for 6, 10 and 12 sets, which was impossible to deliver due to the shortage of door handles.

To meet the demand, we started to reproduce one type of door handle. Soon there was also a demand for matching products, such as pull handles, vacant-engaged toilet locks, cremone bolts, etc.

Over many years, our range has grown to more than 2000 products currently available. And we are still searching for more old models to add to our range.

We ship to many different countries so we have happy customers all over the world. Thanks to our huge stock of door hardware we are able to deliver quickly and accurately.