Retro-Door-Hardware is the web shop for door hardware from the period 1890-1940. We offer a complete range door handles, window hardware, front door hardware, cremone bolts, knobs, toilet hardware, kitchen cabinet hardware etc.. You can get everything with the same finish.


Unique line of replica door hardware

We have developed an unique line antique reproductions of door hardware, hardware that's a precise copy of old original pieces. We offer many models from every style period between the years 1890 and 1940.

Our range of replica door hardware consists of reproductions from the period 1890 to the mid-1930, such as elegant art nouveau in the 1920s applied on panel doors and architraves, to the 1930s when the styles became more modern by leaving out profiles.


All of the more than 1700 products in our range are produced in a traditional way exclusively for Retro-deurbeslag, we manufacture the products exactly like the authentic models and bring them into the market at an attractive price. The brass and cast iron door hardware is produced by using the sand-casting process.

We can deliver all our products directly from stock within a few days after ordering.


In the menu on the left you will find the various article groups followed by more specific groups where you can find and order all our products. For every product you will find the technical drawings with the dimensions of the product.


Door hardware available in different materials

The products are available in cast iron or high-quality brass. The brass products may or may not be equipped with nickel and are often combined with bakelite or ebony.

The brass door hardware is polished and will have an antique look within a short time.

 If you want to have this antique look immediately, you can choose the antique brass (antique bronze patina) version of the product.

Or finally you can choose the product in satin nickel (brushed nickel).

All of these materials are clearly shown in the web shop.

A large part of our entire range is made of nickel, antique brass, polished brass and satin nickel. You can refine the selection in each category with the desired finish (on the desktop left above the menu, and on your mobile the button "shop by"). This gives you a brief overview to make your choice easier. We hope you enjoy shopping!