Front door hardware

Front door hardware in variour styles from 1890 until 1935

Doorknobs, letter plates, bell pulls, bell pushes, door knockers, door handles, euro cylinder rosettes, and safety rosettes

In the period 1890-1940 a front door, the entrance of your house, was always equipped with door hardware that matched the style of the house.

Over the years the old door hardware was often replaced with more functional hardware, without much consideration for the authentic design of the original hardware.

Authentic front door hardware

We offer the solution that gives your front door hardware exactly the same appearance as originally mounted. In the period 1890-1940, the hardware was usually made of polished brass. Through the years this brass became bronze, due to oxidation. We have them both in our range, polished brass and antique brass (bronze). Our bright and satiny nickel hardware is perfect for use on doors which are lighter in colour.

Our assortment authentic letter plates are enlarged to the size required for today’s postal packages.


We have a complete range of front door hardware, and we also have the safety euro cylinder rosettes with the SKG*** mark. Your front door will be burglar-proof with a separate doorknob and euro cylinder rosette, without using the big doorplate.

Safety euro cylinder rosettes are also available in a cheaper variant. These do not have the SKG*** certification, but the quality is exactly the same.

Finally, we have the safety rosette with cylinder protection (core pull) with the SKG*** mark in our assortment.

SKG*** is a Dutch certification brand that provides a total quality package by testing and certifying designs (approvals) and products.


Various models of bell pushes and bell pulls are also part of our product range.  We have complete bell pull sets but also spare parts to complete your existing bell pull.

Our range of front door hardware

Available in the following variants: nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass, satin nickel (brushed nickel) and black cast iron.


All our products come with matching screws.


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