Door handles

Door handles from the period 1890 until 1940.

Retro-door-hardware has the largest collection available from stock. Our range of door handles/lever handles is very extensive, and consists of many models from every style period between the years 1890 and 1940, all exact replicas of the antique models. This unique program is only available at Retro-doorhardware. We use only authentic, old and antique examples for the replica door hardware. Generally these models are Dutch but there are also German and Belgian models.

Why should you buy door handles from Retro-door-hardware?

We distinguish ourselves by selling door handles which are exactly the same in size and shape as the former handles. We are not guided by the door hardware of today, which is often too large and coarse. We find it much more important that a door handle is in the right proportion to the door on which it is applied.

Our range of replica door handles includes reproductions from 1890 to the mid-1930s, such as elegant art nouveau applied on panel doors and architraves in the 1920s and the modern design "Tun" model from the 1930s, which became more modern through those years by leaving out lines.


Tun model door handles and other variants

Tun model door handles are available in nickel (shiny, as originally applied), antique brass (antique bronze patina), polished brass and satin nickel (brushed nickel)

The door handles are combined with ebony or bakelite, which look almost the same. Bakelite is a little shinier, while ebony has a small wood grain.

The solid models door handles are completely made of brass, nickel or antique brass, and can be used outside.

The cast iron door handles are available in black, waxed or powder coated. For outside use, we recommend the powder-coated versions. If you want the black wax variant for outdoor use, it must be provided with a layer of vaseline to prevent oxidation.

Single door handles can be applied, for example, on a front door. A half spindle is always needed for single mounting.

All our products are directly available from stock.

If you do not find the desired combination of door handle and escutcheon in our range, you can express your wish via the contact form, and we will inform you about the possibilities.

All hardware comes with slotted pan head screws in the matching color.